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29 Jun 2022

University Affairs

Fudan University commencement ceremony 2022 held

By Li Yijie

On June 17, the commencement ceremony of Fudan University was held in Zhengda Stadium. More than 10,000 students of the Class of 2022 attended the ceremony on site or on livestreaming platforms.

"In your last semester in Fudan, you were given an unprecedented test by this pandemic wave. We are delighted by the rationality, responsibility, solidarity and friendship demonstrated by all of you," said Jin Li, president of Fudan University in his speech.

He asked the students to follow three principles after they graduate from Fudan. The first principle is to see challenges as a normal part of life. Jin believes that the greatest challenge in one’s life is actually how one deals with challenges, and that one should grasp the opportunities arising from challenges. The second principle is to shoulder responsibility. Over the past three months, Fudan has been a community of health as well as a community of responsibility, and every Fudaner has demonstrated his or her own strong sense of responsibility. The third principle is to persist in what one does and make constant progress. No matter how external factors change, one should remain true to his or her original aspiration. When one makes constant progress on a daily basis, all efforts pay off some day.

"You will find that your time in Fudan is the most precious, worthy journey in your life!" Li Jun, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief professor at Shanghai Center forMathematical Sciences and professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences, spoke on behalf of Fudan faculty members and shared his own life stories. He urged the students to cherish every opportunity, face up to adversity and renew passion for what they do in the future.

Jiang Jiandong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and alumnus graduated from the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, spoke on behalf of Fudan alumni. He hopes that the graduates can keep building their capabilities, maintain integrity, show kindness to others, help each other and make their contribution to society.

Yu Zhibo, representative of undergraduate students

"I will bear in mind my ambition in science and keep up the hard work," said Yu Zhibo, undergraduate student of the Department of Physics. On his way of exploring the the secrets of the universe, the Fudan motto guided him to ask good questions and find good solutions, and make the decision to pursue a career in astronomy. During this pandemic wave, the solidarity of Fudaners made him have a deeper understanding of the Fudan spirit of "solidarity, service and sacrifice".

Sun Yufei, representative of postgraduate students

Sun Yufei, PhD student of Department of History, summed up his time in Fudan with two words: "academics" and "ambition". He said, academics was what his postgraduate study was mainly about while ambition was the beacon that shed light on the way forward during his study. He believes the academic challenges he encountered in Fudan have cultivated good traits in him. During his time in Fudan, he has also learned to put his career choice into perspective and urge himself to persist in what he does and do better.

Javaria Nasir, representative of international students

Javaria Nasir, Pakistani undergraduate student of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, shared a story in her speech. There was a little boy whose father was a doctor from an affiliated hospital of Fudan treating COVID-19 patients in Wuhan. The boy missed his father very much but pretended to be brave to make his father reassured. "No matter what profession we choose, we should be as dedicated as the boy's father, and no matter what difficulties we face, we should get up the courage like the little boy did," said Javaria.

As the tassel was moved, the students stepped forward into a new part of their life. With love and pride, we wish all of them success in the future!

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Editor:Wang Mengqi