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16 Dec 2022

University Affairs

3 Fudaners honored with Magnolia Gold Awards

By Wang Mengqi

Days ago, 3 Fudaners — Cosimo Bambi, Michael Farley Moyers and Ashish Maskay were honored with Shanghai’s Magnolia Gold Awards for their contributions to the city’s social and economic development.

Cosimo Bambi, Xie Xide Junior Professor at Department of Physics, joined Fudan University in 2012. With research interest in fields ranging from strong field tests of general relativity to black holes and X-ray astronomy, the Italian professor has helped China cultivate talent and promoted the development of high-energy astrophysics both at Fudan and other Chinese universities. In recent years, he has published as the first author or corresponding author more than 150 papers in high-impact journals, which have been cited over 8,000 times. He has also authored 6 academic works and 1 popular science book, while being the reviewer of many international academic journals and book publishers. He has also won many honorary awards, such as Shanghai’s Magnolia Silver Award, Humboldt Scholar etc.

Michael Farley Moyers, chairman of Department of Medical Physics, Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, is a world-famous medical physicist in particle therapy. The American is a key author of some international standards for radioactive particle therapy. He has led his team to apply cutting-edge technology in treating cancer and successfully cured more than 1,000 patients annually, topping all other medical institutions around the world. As a professor and doctoral supervisor in Fudan, Moyers has helped develop standard training programs and a five-tier career development system for medical physicists to foster more localized particle physicists.

At the award ceremony, Ashish Maskay, senior orthopedic assistant surgeon at Shanghai United Family Hospital, delivered a speech on behalf of the honorees. 19 years ago, Maskay came to Shanghai from Nepal for a master’s program at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. As a surgeon, he knows the importance of blood in surgeries, so he established a team of expatriate blood donation volunteers and launched Bloodline in 2016. “From 19 years ago, when I was a young medical graduate from Fudan University, to now being a surgeon, healing wounds, saving lives, I see the progress made by the city, ” said Maskay in his speech at the ceremony, “Shanghai to me is like a hotpot, because Shanghai only has its essence in full. You have a constant mixture of different cultures, different nationalities, different ideas, different people, different though process, different dreams, all coming together in this big ‘hotpot’. We are foreigner, but we are not outsiders!”

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Editor:Li Yijie