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21 Mar 2023

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Tips for portrait photography on springtime campus!


Spring has arrived, and with it, a colourful floral world has unfolded on Fudan campus.

Wonder how to take photos of people on our springtime campus?

Here’s our guide to portrait photography on Fudan campus in all its wonder.

Let’s learn more photography techniques, and don't miss the magic that blooming flowers bring!



Take the shot at a proper height

❌ Shooting from eye level may make you seem a bit dwarfed

✔️ Take the photo from a lower angle



Use a simple background

❌ Avoid too many subjects in one photo

✔️Use flowers in the foreground as extra layers



Try various poses

❌ Don’t stand akimbo

✔️ Turn your head to the side and look up slightly

❌ “V” sign is old-fashioned

✔️ Touch flowers gently with your fingers

Let’s start practicing and have fun capturing the beauty of our springtime campus!


Presented by Fudan University Media Center

Video: Lin Fanxi

Photo: Luo Pengfei, Cun Fei, Liao Heng

Writer: Wang Mengqi

Editor: Li Yijie, Wang Mengqi

Designer: Jia Yingyue

Special thanks to Mariia Gorbunova, Ren Ke, Mohamed Ahlal, Zheng Shuo

Editor:CHEN, Shuyang