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07 May 2023


ICJ Judge Xue Hanqin Becomes Fudan University Honorary Professor


On April 18, Judge Xue Hanqin, the first Chinese female member of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) since 2010, was appointed Honorary Professor of Fudan University.

At the honorary professorship certificate presentation ceremony, Judge Xue stated that as a world-renowned university, Fudan has produced many graduates who have made outstanding contributions in various fields in China over the past century. It was a great honor and privilege for her to be part of Fudan. She was looking forward to working with her colleagues to further enhance international law scholarship in Fudan and to promote peace, justice and development in the world.

“Fudan Law School aims to foster professionals and scholars in legal matters involving foreign elements. They are expected to have strong moral integrity, extensive legal knowledge, and global vision. They should be keen on participating in international legal affairs, safeguarding national interests, and promoting global governance reform,” said Chen Li, vice dean of the Law School for international exchange and foreign affairs.

Francis Gurry (left), Zhao Hong (upper right) and Liu Daqun (lower right)

A number of the world’s top legal experts have been appointed by the Law School as adjunct or honorary professors, such as Liu Daqun, former judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), Zhao Hong, a former member of WTO Appellate Body (AB), and Francis Gurry, former Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The Law School has signed dual master’s degree agreements with 15 prominent overseas law schools, including Northwestern University in the United States, Frankfurt University in Germany and the National University of Singapore. By partnering with 47 overseas law schools, it offers many exchange options, including 38 programs for undergraduate students and 28 programs for graduate students. A total of 30 English-taught law modules are available among the regular course offerings.

The year 1909 marked the beginning of the teaching of international law at Fudan. In 1983, Fudan University officially launched international law as a special branch of study. It has become one of the strongest subject areas in the Law School, enjoying a sterling reputation both at home and abroad.

Wang Chunghui (left) and Mei Ru’ao (right)

Numerous legal luminaries had taught at Fudan. Among them were Wang Chunghui, who served as a judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice and participated in drafting the Charter of the United Nations, and Mei Ru’ao, who represented China as a judge of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and participated in the 1946 Tokyo War Crimes Trial.

More and more alumni and students from the Law School are shining on international stages.

Wang Yun’er, 2020 LLM alumna, and her supervisors at the Secretariat of the Appellate Body of the WTO in Geneva

“The school has been actively building a platform for exchange and cooperation with international organizations, including site visits, student internship programs at international organizations,” said Wang Yun’er, an alumna of the Master of Laws in International Law program, who interned at the Secretariat of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

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