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28 Feb 2024

University Affairs

Fudan-Vienna Workshop forges frontiers on math & data science


On February 26, within the framework of a strategic partnership between Fudan University and the University of Vienna, the Joint Fudan-Vienna Workshop on Applied Mathematics and Data Science, hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences, commenced at Fudan.

14 Austrian scholars from the University of Vienna, including Vice Rector Nikolaus Hautsch and Dean of Faculty of Mathematics Radu Bot, attended the workshop in Shanghai. Vice President Zhou Lei of Fudan University attended the opening ceremony and delivered an address.

One day before, Vice President Chen Zhimin of Fudan University met with the Viennese delegation led by Vice Rector Nikolaus Hautsch on their first day of arrival.

This three-day workshop represents the first onsite international conference jointly organized by the two universities since the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop features 24 presentations across 3 major domains: applied mathematics, data and optimization, and finance and statistics. Scholars from both universities will leverage this platform to deepen collaboration and chart a course for mutual advancement.

Since the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between Fudan University and the University of Vienna in 2019, the two universities have conducted several online activities, including the 2021 Fudan-Vienna Strategic Partners Week and the 2022 dialogue between Fudan University President Jin Li and then-Rector of the University of Vienna Heinz Engl.

Last October, Chair of Fudan University Council Qiu Xin led a delegation to Austria, where he met with Vice Rector of the University of Vienna Manuela Baccarini, further solidifying the strategic partnership and exploring opportunities for educational exchanges. Additionally, scholars from both sides have maintained robust exchanges and collaborations across various disciplines, including Philosophy and German literature.



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