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17 Mar 2024


New institute launched at Fudan to boost insurance innovation


Fudan Institute of Insurance Application and Innovation was inaugurated at Fudan University on March 16.

The new institute will focus on scientific research, personnel training, public policy transformation, industry development consultation, and public information service, boosting the development of techfin, green finance, inclusive finance, ageing finance, and digital finance in both the city and the country.

Last December, Fudan University and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., LTD. (CPIC) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly explore cooperation in the fields of university-industry collaboration and personel training. The establishment of Fudan Institute of Insurance Application and Innovation marks a new stage of cooperation between the two sides.

Since CPIC is a leading comprehensive insurance group in China, and Fudan University is one of the first universities in China to establish finance and insurance disciplines, which is also an important center for economic and financial research and education in China, the new institute will take economics and finance disciplines as its core, giving full play to the strengths of both sides. It will integrate multi-disciplinary forces from the university such as AI, big data, medicine, public health, environmental sciences and social security, buttressing up the deep integration of disciplines, education, talent and industrial resources. 

QIU Xin, chairman of Fudan University Council and FU Fan, chairman of CPIC, JIN Li, president of Fudan University, ZHOU Xiaoquan, director of the Shanghai Financial Regulatory Bureau, LIU Li, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Education, YE Jingsong, deputy director of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, KONG Qingwei, former chairman of CPIC, ZHAO Yonggang, president of CPIC. XU Zheng, executive vice president of Fudan University, moderated the ceremony.

Fudan Institute of Insurance Application and Innovation is a research institution jointly established by Fudan University and CPIC. XU Zheng serves as the chairperson of the Board of the institute, KONG Qingwei the executive chairperson of the Board, Vice President of Fudan University CHEN Zhimin and Vice President of CPIC MA Xin the vice chairpersons of the Board. 

CHEN Zhimin also serves as the director of the Academic Committee of the institute, with Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering CHAI Hongfeng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences GE Junbo, BCG(Boston Consulting Group) Managing Director and Global Chair Emeritus Hans-Paul Bürkner, former General Manager of CPIC HUO Lianhong being members of the Academic Committee.

 “What I think is important is to see that the risks are changing and they’re providing more opportunities for insurance companies,” said Hans-Paul Bürkner at the ceremony, who shared his insights on “Value Creation from Innovation”, believing it is the combination of great minds, great people with great technology that makes the difference. 

MA Weidu, founder of Guanfu Museum also delivered a speech on “Inheritance and Future” at the ceremony. 



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