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29 Mar 2024


Kazakhstan Consul General visits Fudan University


President of Fudan University JIN Li met with Rakhimov Rakhymzhan, consul general of Kazakhstan in Shanghai, at Fudan University yesterday.

Facilitating further educational exchanges and cooperation

Rakhimov Rakhymzhan highlighted the permanent comprehensive strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and China since the establishment of diplomatic tie. Over the years, many Kazakhstani students have chosen to study in China and are now making contributions to various sectors, including economy, trade, and culture, thus fostering bilateral relations. Fudan University, renowned for its high-quality educational resources, has maintained friendly exchanges and scientific collaboration with Kazakhstani universities. Rakhimov Rakhymzhan affirmed the Consulate General’s commitment to facilitating further educational exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Strengthening higher-level opening-up in international cooperation

JIN Li made a brief introduction to Fudan’s history and development. With the deepening of relations between China and Central Asian countries, a partnership with Kazakhstan has been Fudan’s priority. Notably, Fudan Zhangjiang Institute has established long-term collaboration with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in cross-border technology transfer and achievement transformation. Last year, Fudan signed an MoU with Kazakhstan National University, marking another milestone in their partnership. Additionally, Kazakh scientists also actively participate in the Fudan-led international project Human Phenome Project. Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance and the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies at Fudan University, are dedicated to advancing Central Asian research. Fudan will strengthen its higher-level opening-up in international cooperation, expanding summer school programs and fostering people-to-people exchanges, with the goal of taping more potential for cooperation.

Vice President of Fudan University CHEN Zhi-Min and representatives from the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Shanghai and relevant departments and institutions of Fudan University were also present at the meeting.


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Writer: CHEN Shu-Yang

Editor: WANG Meng-Qi