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17 Apr 2024


Fudan renews MoU with University of Tübingen


Fudan University and the University of Tübingen renewed the MoU at the German Consulate General in Shanghai on April 10.

On behalf of the universities, President of Fudan University JIN Li and President of the University of Tübingen Karla Pollmann signed the MoU. Pit Heltmann, German consul general in Shanghai, delivered the opening speech.

“This MoU renewal with Fudan is a climax of my trip to China. We both leverage a wide spectrum of disciplines, which can contribute to the resolution of global problems faced by all civilizations,” said Pollmann, who expressed her hope of expanding cooperation with Fudan to include more subject areas.

“I believe our conjoined efforts manifest mutual respect and synergies that transform and transcend the differences between the two universities, cities, countries and civilizations,” said President JIN. 

The two universities had built up a close partnership since 2008, when Bernd Engler, then president of the University of Tübingen, first visited Fudan. A year later, the two universities signed a university-level cooperation agreement. Last year, the Science Fair and Young Scholars Forum were relaunched between the two universities, demonstrating their joint commitment to bilateral collaborations. The renewal of the MoU marks a new chapter in the cooperation between Fudan University and the University of Tübingen, and strengthens the academic ties between the two universities.

Before the ceremony, Vice Presidents of Fudan University CHEN Zhimin and WANG Yuanyuan met with the University of Tübingen delegation on campus. Pollmann also delivered a lecture titled “‘We are the times’: Augustine on Time and Ethics” at the School of Philosophy.



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Writer: CHEN Shuyang

Editor: LI Yijie, WANG Mengqi