• Overseas Center

Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China

The Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China was established in July 2012. It is the first academic institution established by a major Chinese university in cooperation with a leading North American university. The Center serves to connect all ten campuses of the University of California system with Fudan University in Shanghai. It brings together leading research scholars from both universities for conferences and lectures and facilitates cooperative research. The Center promotes deeper mutual understanding between the United States and China by activities including regular lectures and research colloquia on China involving scholars from both universities and beyond. The ultimate goal is to increase the quality of research done by the academic communities in both countries and to deepen mutual understanding between the United States and China.


Fudan-European Centre for China Studies

The Fudan-European Centre for China Studies was established by Fudan University in April, 2013 in partnership with the University of Copenhagen. The Centre is a strategic initiative of Fudan University to meet the growing demand for a more nuanced and balanced understanding of China’s development and its global impacts by engaging with and advancing high-level China studies in Europe. As a centre seeking excellence in knowledge creation and transfer, it focuses on critical issues of Chinese politics, economics, society and culture through cross-disciplinary and comparative research. The Centre brings together leading experts and scholars, and builds active research communities through round-table discussions, lecture series, topical conferences, a visiting scholar scheme as well as joint research. Since 2017, the Centre has initiated the NEWDAY (Nansen East-West Dialogue Academy, Summer School at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, Norway to provide a platform for university students from East Asia and the Nordic region to engage in dialogues on current global challenges, to learn from each other, and to foster harmonious relations between prospective future leaders.



Fudan-Tec de Monterrey Research Center for Studies on China and Latin America

The Fudan-Tec de Monterrey Research Center for Studies on China and Latin America was officially inaugurated in Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico in October, 2015. It aims to build a network of researchers that analyze the dynamics of economic integration and interaction between China and Latin America and identify specific challenges and opportunities arising from the development of this interrelation. It focuses on research areas including Competitiveness of Chinese and Latin America Economies; China, Latin America and Global Affairs; Network Economies and Regulations; Financial Markets, Valuing Assets and Risk Management; Wealth Creation through Innovation, Technology and Knowledge; Business, Sustainability and Public Policy.


Fudan-Auckland Center for China Studies in Oceania

The center, located in the University of Auckland, was jointly founded by Fudan University and University of Auckland in Nov.2018. The areas of cooperation may include, subject to mutual consent, activities to further the global reputation and academic excellence of Fudan University and the University of Auckland, especially in the area of China Studies.

The Center's activities may include:

1.  The Center for China Studies in Oceania, based at the University of Auckland, cooperates with other Fudan Overseas Centers for China Studies (Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China, Fudan-Europe Center for China Studies and Fudan-Tec de Monterrey Research Center for Studies China and Latin America, etc.);

2.  A joint Fudan-UoA (Oceania) Annual Forum;

3. Exchanges of experts and members of society, periodic Oceania China symposia, Cooperation Forum between Centers, Shanghai Forum;

4.  Academic exchanges;

5. Research collaboration, focusing on contemporary China studies, bilateral economic, political and cultural relations and multidisciplinary academic exchanges and cooperation, for instance, precision (personalized) medicine, environmental management, urban studies, climate change, etc.;

6.  Exchanges of publications, materials, and information;

7.  Special short-term programs, public events and/or visits.

Contact: ZHOU Bing



The Center for China-Central Asian Studies

The Center for China-Central Asian Studies in Nur Sultan (formerly known as Astana) was established on July 1, 2018. The Fudan University and the International Science Complex Astana co-established this center according to the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. The center is the first overseas Chinese research center established by Fudan University in the countries along the Belt and Road, and it serves the cooperation between the Silk Road Economic Belt and the state program of Kazakhstan “Nurly Zhol” through joint research, personal training and academic exchanges, supports the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and improves the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan and the other Central Asian countries with talents and intelligence.