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Universitas 21 (U21), Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), and Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU) are globally influential  university organizations gathering leading global universities. As a founding member of these organizations, our university has recommended numerous teachers and students to participate in the competitions, summer programs, workshops, seminars, executive meetings and other activities held by these organizations, and benefited from multilateral cooperation among the university organizations. In addition, Fudan University is one of the 17 Chinese universities participating in the EU Erasmus program.

Universitas 21 

Universitas 21 empowers students and staff from 27 world-class universities to share excellence, collaborate across borders and nurture international knowledge exchange. They value cultural difference, connect together perspectives from around the world, and harness the collective expertise of our exceptional institutions to benefit all of our members. Their dynamic approach has helped nurture a global network of over 1 million students and 200,000 staff, inspiring institutional innovation for over 20 years.


Association of Pacific Rim Universities 

As a network of leading universities linking the Americas, Asia and Australasia, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) is the Voice of Knowledge and Innovation for  the Asia-Pacific region. 

APRU brings together thought leaders, researchers, and policy-makers to exchange ideas and collaborate on effective solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.


APRU leverages collective education and research capabilities of its members into the international public policy process. Its primary research areas include natural hazards & disaster risk reduction, women in leadership, population aging, global health, sustainable cities, artificial intelligence & the future of work, the Pacific Ocean, and labor mobility.


The Association of East Asian Research Universities 

The Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU) is a regional organization founded in January 1996, with the goals of forming a forum for the presidents of leading research-oriented universities in East Asia and of carrying out mutual exchanges between the major universities in the region. Expectations are that this regional union, on the basis of common academic and cultural backgrounds among the member universities, will contribute not only to the development of higher education and research but also to the opening up of a new era leading to cultural, economic and social progress in the East Asian region.


THe AEARU membership is composed of the presidents of the leading universities in five regions of East Asia: the Chinese Mainland, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Since its foundation in 1996, a total of 17 universities from these regions have become members of the association. A general meeting attended by all member universities, is held annually. By discussing themes of shared interest at the general meeting, AEARU members both carry out actual operations of the organization as well as deepen trust and mutual understanding among the member universities.


AEARU’s activities include workshops, student summer camps, student physical competitions, and various types of international symposia. These activities are held throughout the year to promote mutual exchanges of ideas and information and to develop close bonds between the member universities.