• FAQ

1. Q: How to apply to Fudan University?

A: Step1Visit the website of lnternational Students Office of Fudan University get the details of admission programs.

Step 2Online Application (

Step 3Mail all required application documents to Fudan University

Step 4

Undergraduate Program — Fudan University Entrance Exam

Graduate Program — Faculty Selection

Non-degree Program — Faculty Selection

Step 5 Enrollment


2. Q: How much is application fee and how to pay it?

A: Application fee is 400 RMB for non-degree program and 800 RMB for degree program. The fees are paid online (


3. Q: Are international students taught with Chinese students?

A: For programs except for MBBS, Chinese Bachelor Degree program at ICES and English-taught master and Ph.D programs, international students are taught with Chinese students.


4. Q: Are study programs taught in Chinese or English?

A: Most programs are instructed in Chinese. We have a few programs taught in English such as MBBS, UIPE and English-taught master and Ph.D programs.


5. Q: What scholarship does Fudan University offer? And how to apply for it?

A: Fudan University offers Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship. For detailed information, please visit the website



6. Q: Does Fudan University offer international student’s dorm?

A: Fudan University has an international student’s dorm. Students are required to reserve room online during designated period and dorm rooms are limited. For detailed information, please visit the website (


7. Q: Do international students have to buy insurance in China?

A: Yes, all international students are required to buy PingAn Comprehensive Insurance in China.


8. Q: Does Fudan University accept transfer students?

A: No


9. Q: How many semestersdoes an academic year have? When does new semester usually start

A: An academic year has two semesters. New semester usually starts from early September and early March.


10. Q: How to contact admission division of International Students Office?

A: TEL: +86-21-65642258/65642250

11. Q: For foreign students who intend to study in China, what type of visa is required? How to apply for this visa?

A: Foreign students who intend to study in China must apply for a student visa (X1 or X2 visa) from the Chinese consulate/embassy. For the application, you will be required to submit the Admission Notice from the university and the JW201 or JW202 Form.


12. Q: What is the difference between X1 and X2 visas?

A: For students who will be studying in China for a period of over 180 days (starting from the date stated in the Admission Notice), you will be issued X1 visa. The validity of X1 visa is 30 days and students will be required to apply for a Residence Permit through the school within 30 days of arrival in the country (e.g. arriving date in China: Sep 1st, a student should apply for residence permit before Sep 31st ).

For students who will be studying in China for a period of less than 180 days, you will be issued X2 visa. The validity of the X2 visa is between 30-180 days, and is usually only for a single entry. Once you have exited the country, you will not be able to enter the country again with the same visa.

13. Q: Will the X2 visa need to be converted to a student Residence Permit like X1 visa?

A: According to the regulations of Exit- entry bureau, overseas students who will study in China for more than 180 days can apply for residence permit. Students with X2 (study period less than 180 days) will not be allowed to change X2 visa to study Residence permit.

14. Q: If a student has obtained the X1 visa, can he/she enter China early to travel before reporting to school?

A: As a longer period of time is required for the first-time application of Residence Permit, and the validity of the X1 visa is only 30 days, we would highly recommend that students enter China 3 days before the school’s registering date, in order to avoid the hassle and extra cost for extending your visa.


15. Q: Can one study at Fudan University without having a student visa?

A: No. If foreigners are found to have engaged in activities that differ from the type of visa, he/she may face penalties such as Letter of Warning, fine, detention or deportation.

16. Q: Can Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents with Mainland Travel Permits study at Fudan University as foreign students?

A: No.


17. Q: A person who has a Mainland Travel Permit, and at the same time is holder of a Canadian passport (or any other country’s passport, i.e. dual nationality). If he/she enters China using the Mainland Travel Permit and hence does not have an entrance stamp in his/her Canadian passport, will he/she be allowed to study at Fudan University as a foreign student?

A: No, the university only recognizes the passport he/she uses for application into the school as well as in the country.


18. Q: I entered China via visa-free entry/travel visa/family visitor visa, can I apply for the student Residence Permit?

A: No.

19. Q: If a student finds his study visa expired when he plans to come back to China after staying out of China for a period (for example, suspending from school), can he continues his study in China with a visa other than X1 or X2?

A: No. He has to apply for an X1 or X2 visa before he comes back. The documents he needs when applying for the study visa: JW202 form (from International Students Office, available 1 week after application), Certificate of Study (from Academic Affairs Division or Graduate School, Certificate of Suspension is also needed if he suspends from school). He needs to get all those documents from school before he leaves China:


20. Q: what documents are required for new students applying for the Residence Permit for the first time?

A: 1) Valid passport;

2) Admission Notice;

3)Visa Application Form (JW202 or JW201);

4)Health Examination Record (Issued by Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center);

5) Temporary Accommodation Registration Form;

6) Introduction Letter for Foreign Students (issued by International Students Office);

7) 1 Passport-sized photograph (2-inch);

8) Fee for Residence Permit application (Depends on the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, usually 400~800 RMB).

21. Q: what documents are required for students who are already studying in the university, and need to extend the Residence Permit?

A: 1) Valid passport;

  2) Temporary Accommodation Registration Form;

  3) The Introduction Letter for Foreign Students (issued by International Students Office);

  4) 1 Passport-sized photograph (2-inch);

  5) Fee for Residence Permit application (Depends on the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, usually 400~800 RMB).


22. Q: Why is there a need for certificate of deposit from bank or official Introduction Letter from the school during the application?

A: The Exit-Entry Administration Bureau will have different requirements for different students, according to your nationality and visa type.

23. Q: Can I go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau right after receiving the Introduction Letter for Foreign Students?

A: Yes, the Introduction Letter is valid for 30 days. After the validity period, a new Introduction Letter must be obtained.

24. Q: If a student’s parents are already in China, can they apply for Residence Permit together with the student? If yes, what is the validity of the Residence Permit?

A: This is allowed for the students’ parentsspouse or minor children. Family members must present an official document proving the relationship with the student (usually issued by the consulate, in Chinese) and obtain the official Introduction Letter. The validity of the Residence Permit is the same as the validity of the student’s Residence Permit.


25. Q: I did not manage to get an appointment for health check, so I could not obtain the Physical Verification Certificate in time to apply for the Residence Permit before my visa expired. What should I do?

A: You can apply for the 30-days X2 visa (student visa). We strongly recommend that you apply for the Residence Permit within the extended period.


26. Q: A student did his health check last year and his Residence Permit has expired. When applying for Residence Permit this year, does the student need to do the health check again?

A: If the Resident permit has expired within three months, the health check is not required.


27. Q: A student is in his second year of study at Fudan. When applying for Residence Permit this year, does he still need the JW202 form?

A: No. Only students who reactivate their student status after suspending their semester need to provide the JW202 to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau when reapplying for the Residence Permit.


28. Q: If I live in Kunshan, can I apply for the Residence Permit in Shanghai?

A: No. When applying for Residence Permit in Shanghai, the address stated in the Temporary Accommodation Registration Form needs to be in Shanghai.


29. Q: A student is a self-funded undergraduate (or Masters or PhD) student, who will start studying at Fudan University in September for two year. When will his Residence Permit be valid till?

A: 20th September next year. The date cannot be changed.


30. Q: A student is a self-funded non-degree student who will be studying at Fudan University for a year starting from September. When will his Residence Permit be valid until next year?

A: 20th March next year. The date cannot be changed.


31. Q: A student is government-funded (or school/department exchange student), when will his/ her Residence Permit be valid until?

A: His/her Residence Permit will be valid until the date of end of study (but no longer than 5 years).


32. Q: For a student from the U.S., what is the duration of the Residence Permit that the student can apply for?

A: The duration can be until the date of end of study (but no longer than 5 years).


33. Q: Can the validity of the Residence Permit be longer than the validity of the passport?

A: No.

34. Q: A student’s period of study ends in July (or January) and the Residence Permit the school has given is valid until 31st July (or 31st January). However, the student wishes to travel around China beyond the date of expiration of the Residence Permit. Can the school issue a new Introduction Letter to allow the extension of the Permit for one month?

A: As the semester usually ends at the start of July (or start of January), the university has already considered the needs of students and have the Residence Permit expire at the end of the month. The university will not issue a new Introduction Letter, but students can apply directly to Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau for a one-month Residence permit using your Certificate of Graduation and relevant documents.


35. Q: A student has been living in Shanghai using the Q2 visa (visa to visit relatives), must he apply for the student visa?

A: We require all students to use the student visa and student Residence Permit, or you will have to bear any consequences if you do otherwise.

36. Q: What happens if I lose my passport?

A: Please report the loss of your passport to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and contact your country's consulate to apply for a new passport.


37. Q: What should I do if I have changed my passport?

A: You will have to register again with the dormitory and go to the International Students Office to register your new passport details, obtain a new Introduction Letter, and go to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau within 10 days. For undergraduates and Masters Students, you will also have to fill in an Information Change Registration Form and submit it to Academic division and Graduate school respectively, or the information on your Graduation Certificate may be affected.


38. Q: A student plans to quit his study at Fudan, but he holds a residence permit valid for a long period. What does he need to do?

A: He should obtain an Introduction Letter to have his residence permit cancelled at the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau before he leaves Fudan. Otherwise, well report him to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and hell bear all the consequences.


39. Q: What are the materials that have to be prepared for current undergraduate (or Masters, PhD) students to apply for off-campus internship residence permit?

A: 1) “Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students of Fudan University” (to be downloaded from the ISO website and stamped by your respective faculties);


2) Study plan or programmed academic plan for your respective major (to be provided by the faculty);


3) “Internship company’s Instruction and Guideline for International Students” (to be downloaded from the ISO website and stamped by your respective faculties);


4) Photocopy of the personal information page in your passport;


5) Photocopy of the Residence Permit page within your passport (if available).


40. Q: Are language students eligible to apply for off-campus internships?

A: No.


41. Q: Are university level (or department level) exchange students eligible to apply for off-campus internships?

A: Yes, but not if they are language students. When applying for the Residence Permit, other than the materials stated above, students are also required to prepare: One copy of the school level (or department level) exchange program agreement, the name list of all students under the exchange agreement (with your own name clearly shown) and one photocopy of Business License of the internship company.


42. Q: Upon receiving the Introduction Letter, how long would a student have to wait before starting their internship?

A: Students can hand in their documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau within 10 working days after the submit applications. They would then have to wait for another week before obtaining approval. Students are to note that they are only allowed to begin their internship after obtaining approval from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.


43. Q: Are students allowed to engage in internships at two places at the same time?

A: No.


44. Q: Are students allowed to engage in internships outside of Shanghai?

A: Yes, application procedures are the same as applying for internships in Shanghai. Holders of residence permit for internship can intern in cities outside Shanghai. However, holders of S2 visa for internship cannot intern in cities outside Shanghai.