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The rapid development of humanities and social sciences is an important part of the goals for Fudan University to enter the first league of world-class universities. As a great number of renowned scholars assembled at Fudan even before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the pursuit for academic excellence has already prevailed the university for decades. Opportunities always favor Fudan as it has been deeply involved in events that changed the history of Chinese university education, such as the 1952 Restructuring of Schools and Departments at Universities, the Reform and Opening-Up since 1973, Project 211, Project 985, the Philosophy and Social Sciences Prosperity Plan and the “Double First-Class” Project. Meanwhile, the modern city of Shanghai, with its inclusiveness that brings together diverse cultures of the rest of the country and overseas, contributes to the open and free environment at Fudan for humanities and social sciences studies.


Currently, there are more than 1200 teaching staff and researchers in departments of humanities and social sciences, among which over 770 have senior titles or above. 13 teaching departments, 16 research institutes, 1 state-level think tank, 10 Ministry of Education Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences(including those supported by 2 or more ministries) and more than 200 fictitious research centers.


This new era demands us to push forward the development of humanities and social sciences disciplines. Fudan University will act according to the mission of constructing the “New Humanities Discipline”, promote the development oftheories and academic structure that match the future needs of the country, inherit the good in the Chinese culture, cultivate talents adaptive to the new era and specialized in philosophy and social sciences, step up integrative innovation of social sciences and frontier technologies, strengthen our capability to serve the society and expand the influence of Fudan’s humanities and social sciences across the globe.   


The Research Management Office for Humanities and Social Sciences is the administrative department responsible for the management, planning and related services for research projects, achievements and platforms in the area of humanities and social sciences.



Thank you for your interest in the research of Fudan University! 

We look forward to exploring every corner of the universe with researchers in both humanities and sciences areas. You are welcome to send us an email with your research intention and expect us to reply within 5 working days. Please note that replies may be delayed during national holidays and summer/ winter break.

Research Office of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mr. Yao Kai

Email: yaokai@fudan.edu.cn

Mr. Zong Yiwen

Email: wkkyccgb@fudan.edu.cn

Research Office of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Ms. Wang Jiawen

Email: ico@fudan.edu.cn

Tel: +86-21-65642480