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Faculty & Research

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The Human Phenome Project of Fudan University

Fudan University is famous worldwide for its excellence and devotion in research. Deep inside the core of our proud rankings (QS 44) lies the determination of our scientists to use their cutting-edge innovative findings to serve the country and the shared interest of mankind. The diversity and professionality of the research across current 27 departments related to the science and medical disciplines, 5 State Key Laboratories, 2 National Research Centers for clinical medicine, 1 national Innovation Center for Manufacture, 1 Shanghai Mathematics Center and 80 ministry level research platforms, means that we not only seek for perfection in basic research but put our passion in translational research to make a different world as well. In the past years, our wonderful faculty and significant fellows have rooted Fudan University as the Oriental Pearl of China, which takes the responsibility of addressing the research frontier problems and serves the strategic and social needs of the country with the steady/increasing research reputation and an excellent scientific translational capacity.


Fudaners are committed to achieving perfection in research and translational sciences management, and to ensuring that our research contributes to the well-being of the society. We seek to provide an innovative and supportive environment in all disciplines like Math, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences, Micro-electronics and Clinical Research etc. The interdisciplinarity of ASICS, AI and New Energy could generate and flourish; the excellence and diversity of our research across the Schools of Arts & Humanities, Humanities & Social Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Technology, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences could help us grasp the opportunity of a changing pulse in the global scientific community and we are also well-positioned to make our unique contributions to the world innovation atlas and the formulation of policy.


Thank you for your interest in the research of Fudan University! 

We look forward to exploring every corner of the universe with researchers in both humanities and sciences areas. You are welcome to send us an email with your research intention and expect us to reply within 5 working days. Please note that replies may be delayed during national holidays and summer/ winter break.

Research Office of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mr. Yao Kai

Email: yaokai@fudan.edu.cn

Mr. Zong Yiwen

Email: wkkyccgb@fudan.edu.cn

Research Office of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Ms. Wang Jiawen

Email: ico@fudan.edu.cn

Tel: +86-21-65642480