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The Art Education Center is one of the youngest faculty-level teaching units of Fudan University. Its predecessor was the art teaching and research section, which was officially established in May 1987. In December 1993, it was renamed the Art Education Center. The first director of our center was Professor Jiang Kongyang, a famous aesthetician.



The Art Education Center (including the Department of Art and Design) has 20 full-time teachers and 5 administrative staff, 1 person with senior professional title, 10 with senior professional title, 14 with an intermediate professional title, 6 with a doctorate degree and 14 with a masters degree. Among them,2 are Ph.D. candidates. In addition, the center has hired Xie Jin, Cheng Shifa, Situ Han, Tan Bingruo and Tan Dun as part-time professors or consulting professors.



In 2014-2018, we managed to organize 44 academic lectures and courses in our campus and other off-campus spaces and published 135 papers, including 29 core journal papers, 20 book reviews and film reviews, 11 monographs including 1 translation work. We produced 13 fine artworks such as lyrics and painting albums, and 1 music album, held a total of 34 solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions, and undertook 14 provincial and ministerial research projects.

In 2014, two of our teachers' artworks were selected and submitted to the 12th National Art Exhibition and eventually won awards.



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